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King Abdullah: We have received 250 000 "Persian Gulf Forever" messages from the Iranian people

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Due to the latest tension regarding the three Iranian islands and the Persian Gulf, the Iranian people once again showed that they are united when it comes to national territorial issues.

Since the islamic republic is not representing iranians, the Iranian people have many times used the social medias such as face book to react to political matters and express their feelings.

The official page of King Abdullah was shut down due to 250 000 received messages in support for the Iranian island and the Persian Gulf.

The number is confirmed by king Abdullah, the translation reads:

Page King Abdullah is under attack for three days from the Iranian people, and more than 250 thousand comment with (the Persian Gulf forever).

The Marze Por Gohar Party is honored by the will of the Iranian people and condemn the Islamic republic for allowing baseless claims on Iranian national territories.

Long Live Iran
Down with Islamic republic
Marze Por Gohar Party

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