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Javad Moqimi, MPG member and Fars News Agency Photographer Escapes Iran

Javad Moghimi - Time CoverJavad Moghimi - Time Cover

Javad Moqimi, MPG member and Fars News Agency Photographer Escapes Iran In the wake of the recent surge of crackdowns on journalists and photojournalists, Fars news agency’s photographer picked as the nation’s best photographer in 2006 who is also a member of Marz-e Por Gohar party left the country.

Javad MoghimiJavad Moghimi

After Ahmadinezhad’s illegitimate administration took the reins once again, Islamic Republic’s security apparatus undertook a new round of widespread campaign to disrupt the legal flow of information and took on the press in order to conceal the people’s uprising on several fronts and specifically to cover up the crimes which were planned prior to the presidential elections and arrested scores of journalists – including photojournalists.

A number of the nation’s top photojournalists were arrested and prosecuted for the “crime” of documenting in photos the intense, fervent uprising of people and sending them to established, credible news agencies abroad, providing the world with a chronicle of events as they occurred on the streets in Iran . This new round of arrests ushered in a new cycle of brain-drain in Iran , including our media colleagues. A little while ago in the most recent case, best photographer of 2006, Fars News Agency’s staff photographer and a member of Marz-e Por Gohar, Javad Moqimi left Iran .

He was the recipient of numerous awards in photography and the country’s top photographer in 2006. His latest and best work was a picture of people’s recent protests in Tehran which made the cover of Times magazine – a unique piece of work: a controversial photograph with political ramifications against the Islamic Republic Regime by an Iranian photographer, the only one of its kind to ever to adorn the cover of this magazine. He was born in 1985 and is one of the nation’s younger but quite experienced photographers. He spent the last days of his professional career in Iran working at Fars news agency. He was promptly fired from this news agency when a snapshot depicting the images of the recent unrests in Tehran was printed on the cover or Times magazine.The arrest and prosecution of a number of other photojournalists, including some of his close friends, as well as his getting summoned for questioning by the security apparatus and intelligence agencies for his collaboration with the arrested photographers and specifically for his extraordinary piece of work getting published on the cover or Times magazine, worried he’d be next in line to be arrested and prosecuted, he was forced to flee the country.

Marz-e Por Gohar party hopes to return in the not-so-distant future democracy, liberty, and independence to our beloved country once again with the support of the unrivaled strength and the raw power of the Iranian people.

Marze Por Gohar Party

Down with Islamic republic

Long live Iran