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Marz-e Por Gohar Expose: Introducing AbdolRasul Qa'edi, IRGC Commander and Member, Commercial Mafia


MPG sources inside Iran and abroad successfully identified a member of the IRGC Mafia. He played a key role in smuggling petroleum in and out of Iraq when it was under sanctions during Saddam Hussein’s reign. Also, he was a key player in IRGC's illegal procurements through front businesses. He has compiled vast wealth as a result.

The following is a small sample of corruption in the Islamic Republic regime, and the pillage and plunder of the country’s resources by government agents.

Due to security reasons and considerations, we are unable to list fully this corrupt person's actions and activities.

AbdolRasul Qa'edi belongs to the Zayer Abbassi village, 120 km south of Bushehr. He was employed at the Agricultural Jihad Workshop in the town of Dashti after the revolution up to 1980. He joined the IRGC in Bushehr province [1980/81] and was assigned to work in its financial department.

He was adept at playing the office game and sang the praises of the right people and thus, he swiftly climbed the promotion ladder and made his way from a simple financial clerk to the chief financial manager of the IRGC in Bushehr province.

In a short period and capitalizing on the country being in a state of war - while everyone's attention was on the war [with Iraq], he utilized his sycopantical attitude and managed to get selected as the IRGC's Chief Deputy for Financial Affairs, having completed only sixth grade in middle school.

He started using his position as the agent in charge of all procurements for the IRGC's Naval force as well as the official in charge of General Finance and Credit Fund to personally benefit by reselling [IRGC's] surplus and confiscated contraband at sea (without officially documenting and or reporting, by-passing customs). Most significant of all was his position as the CEO of Safinat olNejat Co., (one of hundreds of IRGC's commercial companies active in commerce and contraband trafficking) which helped propel and transform into one of IRGC's own proselyte billionaires in less than ten years.

He was able to lock-in and purchase residences in Bushehr, Shiraz and Tehran (Shahrak-e Gharb) as well as hundreds of hectares of land and orchards in Tehran suburbs. The means by which he accumulated his vast wealth is chronicled below: Il1

1. Management and control of IRGC's marine corporation, the alSafinat ol-Nejat, which owned various large sea vessels as well as numerous cutters (motorized cargo boats) used for shipping and import of goods and contraband smuggling via IRGC's private jetties, especially in Bandar Abbass. According to very reliable information obtained by MPG's intelligence sources, he exploited his position as the CEO of this company to smuggle contraband from Dubai to Bandar Abbass for himself and the IRGC.

2. Another one of Qa'edi's enormous exploits was re-selling of IRGC confiscated cargo and merchandise such as household appliances and audio and video equipment, circumventing proper procedures and regulations. He collected a percentage as fees on sales of hundreds of light and heavy tugboats worth billions of dollars. According to buyers, he charged and received anywhere from 5% to 20% of the price of the tug boat as bribes and fees.

3. Qa'edi received from the MohammadReza Yazdanpanah, the executive in charge of Kish Island at the time, exclusive shipping rights to and from Kish Island via Aref Jahan Co., owned by him as yet another kick-back methods made available to him. Aref Jahan Company's net earnings were 35-50 million tumans in 1991 - 2000. It's noteworthy that Qa'edi was handed hundreds of lots in Kish for development as yet another way kick-backs were made available to him during the time MohammadReza Yazdanpanah was the Executive in Charge in Kish Island.

4. Securing a number of contracts in South Pars (oil and gas field) connects Qa'edi with the Ministry of Petroleum.

5. Lack of oversight, control and accounting in IRGC made for conditions in which Rasul Qa'edi went beyond the limits and crossed the so called red-lines. He went beyond smuggling appliances, clothes, stereos and TVs and utilized the cutters and tug-boats belonging to alSafinat ol-Nejat Company to "import" walkie-talkies, etc. for him which constituted a breach of security for the IRGC, and thus he was arrested and turned in to the military court for trial. He spent four months in jail and paid 25 million tumans as a bribe to the assistant district attorney or the public prosecutor and his file was transferred to the judiciary! (The adjudication of a military and security case in a civilian court is definitive proof of bribery in this case.) Ultimately, Qa'edi paid 20 million tumans to the judge to receive "aquittance" from the court.

6. After his arrest, he was apprehensive and felt uneasy, so he paid $70,000.00 to the Canadian government and $15,000.00 to a lawyer to secure his Canadian residency. It is of interest that the Canadian Immigration Agency typically takes 3 to 4 years to process regular people for a back ground check. But in this case, with regard to the amounts paid, a known embezzler and smuggler member of the IRGC and counter intelligence of the IRI passed the background check and was cleared. Of course, Qa'edi and his lawyer deny that Qa'edi ever held high ranking positions in the IRGC and the Counter Intelligence of the IRGC, which an issue worthy of further exploration. Although, "the completion of military service" certificate issued to him should serve as solid proof on this issue, which the Canadian Immigration Agency has chosen to turn a blind eye to.

He now resides in Dubai where he conducts his business including commercial trade and real estate. He has transferred part of his wealth to Dubai and owns hundreds of condos in high rises and towns of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Adman and Ra's alKhaima.

He has Canadian citizenship which allows him to travel anywhere without a visa and procure supplies for the IRGC and sell it to them at ridiculously high mark ups. He is not under watch like the Iranian residents in Dubai.

He is one of the businessmen who played an active role in Iraqi petroleum smuggling during Saddam Hussein's rule. On the other hand, his connections and networking with his IRGC comrades have netted him great profit through estate deals.

This Billionaire commander had a royal lifestyle. His children study in Canada. Their monthly family trips from Toronto to Dubai are done via $13,500.00 first class seats on non-stop Emirates Airlines flights.

He and his family have chosen to reside in Vancouver which is similar to California. Currently there are more than 250 of his former IRGC and security forces comrades who have pillaged the country's national resources and have accumulated exorbitant personal wealth are doing business in Dubai.

A number of them, such as Qa'edi and Commander Mahsouli have secured residency from the US and Canada. They fear the future...