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Family members don't renounce each other - by Siavash

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To refer to the chapters of the region’s history and geography is a vain attempt and hardly original. Even the kindergarteners know that the written history of Iran started with the Medes, despite what’s been touted. Then the Achaemenids took over the reigns from the Medes, the people we call the Kurds today. The Medes – the Kurds – established the first consolidated government system in the form of an empire governed by the rule of law.

So, any time that a government whether republic, monarchy, constitutional, socialist, or a theocracy fails to provide its citizens with the most basic of their rights, do we go off half-cocked and get off track and tear and pull at this eclectic quilt that is Iran? Or do we respect each other’s rights, set aside our reluctance and unite in our fight for justice and retain and restore what is being trampled upon? Do family members renounce and repudiate each other upon the slightest quarrel? Do friends forsake each other just because they disagree?

What is this tired old song on a broken record that any time a king or mullah oppresses his people, everyone starts to grope and grab at every corner trying to rip and tear what they can for themselves and set on their way to their uncertain future? Do we not live in the vast expanse that is Iran? Are we not indebted to one another and are our affairs not intricate? Do we not depend on each other?

Throughout the centuries our affairs have become so enigmatic and our accounts so intertwined that even the big three accounting firms could not figure out heads or tails of our affairs even if they combined their all their resources together. How much oil and gas was sent to Kurdestan from Khouzestan? How much lumber from Kurdestan forests have been shipped to Azerbaijan? How many thousand rugs have been sent from Kashan to Tehran? How many mega tons of fruit have been boxed and sent to Kerman from Khorasan? Have only the Gilanis and Mazandaranis enjoyed the fish from the Mazandaran lake? How many Iranians from every corner of the country have sweetened their palate with Soehan from Qom and cotton candy from Yazd?

You see, we are not delving into complex economics and trade, nor social or cultural discussions. We are merely mentioning the mundane, daily needs – the staples. How are these states going to pay their debts upon their secession? To quote Obeyd Zakani, Iranian poet known for his limericks: “it’s unclear which one belongs to whom?” – that is how entangled the state of our affairs.

Anyhow, even if disintegration is the purpose, why not nurse them all back to health and cultivate freedom and prosperity first and then consider federalization and division of a fertile and bountiful garden? Divide and conquer is still a strategy that would yield results, i.e. former Yugoslavia and former Soviet Union. But in the era of global economies, is it wise to break Iran into fractions, most of which would most likely end up as training grounds for Islamist terrorists? Would not a global economy benefit more from a seventy plus million strong consumer market of a united, healthy and democratic Iran?

A decrepit house, its pillars rotting under the force of tyranny , its ceiling caving in from the weight of oppression, and its foundation deteriorating from fanaticism and superstition, is no prize heirloom.

A healthy ewe benefits her keepers by her milk, wool and lambs. But slaughter and divvy it up and each beneficiary will at best get a meal’s worth of mutton.

The onus is on you.

Down with the Islamic Republic.

Long Live Iran.