URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Death penalty Requested


The court of Islamic republic has once again put up a tragic show to take the life of the children of Iran.
According to the court documents, the alleged defense attorney took the stand and claimed that he has never witnessed such criminals before. The criminals he is referring to –and suppose to defend -are the freedom seeking Iranians arrested in the non-violent protests.

Today the so called court requested death penalty for;

• Mohammad Reza Ali, Zamani, age 37, member of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran"

• Arash , Rahmani Pour, age 20, member of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran"
• Nasser, Abdol Hosseini, age 32, member of MKO
• Resa, Rafie Foroushan, age 48, alleged spy for UAE
• Mir Mohammad Hossein, Rasam, age 43, employed at the British embassy
• Ms. Afshar, no age mentioned, employed at the French embassy

Among the people on trial are also the so called “reformers” of the Islamic Regime who has objected to be trialed with the anti-regime elements, once again pointing out that they do not share the fight of secularism and democracy with the Iranian people.

We urge Human rights organizations and democratic governments to take action and stop this barbaric act. We urge Mr. Hussein Obama to speak up –even though his policy strongly reminds us of Neville Chamberlains.

Marze Por Gohar Party strongly condemns death penalty for people on trial who are representing people from various political spectrum opposing the Islamic Republic. The Iranian nation is once again put on trial by the Islamic republic. Their crime is their wish for a secular and democratic Iran.

We stand united with our people in their struggle and declare once again;
“freedom ,independence, Iranian Republic”

Down with Islamic Republic
Long Live Iran

Marze Por Gohar Party