Irangate II


Irangate II
The Administration’s Latest Foreign Policy Scandal
June 26th 2011

Recently a nasty spy scandal has been shaking a section of the Iranian opposition as well as their backers within the American and European governments. Apparently an Islamic Republic spy had convinced all these brilliant people that he was in the position to not only help lead a straw man opposition in forming an alternative government in exile, but would have had his imaginary 20,000 man army of Revolutionary Guards Corps who had by some miracle become “pro Western and democratic” (!) stage a coup, toppling the whole regime.

Apparently, following the defeat of the Obama administration’s Iran policy of bringing the old pro Khomeini faction of the Islamic Republic to power in 2009 through a globally publicized and celebrated “election”, the administration has suffered another setback covered up as usual by the sympathetic media.
After the pro Khomeini leaders of the 2009 elections, Mir Hussein Moussavi (Khamene’: a part of his last name censored for obvious reasons) and Ayatollah Karubi misled the revolutionary street movement into a quagmire of silence, pro Islamic Constitution conservatism and behind the scenes deals with Moussavi’s relative Ayatollah Khameneii the Supreme leader, the Obama administration decided to change tactics. It was clear then - as it is clearly proven now in Libya, Syria and elsewhere - that civil disobedience and non violent struggle alone could not dislodge stable and ruthless regimes like the Islamic regime in Iran and therefore some other controllable alternative had to be found.

The Islamic Republic has aired a series of “documentary” productions, “exposing” a sting operation, whereby an IRI spy named General Madhi of the Revolutionary Guards had tricked American, Israeli and French governments into a plot involving several factions of the Iranian “opposition” – groomed ethnic minority “representatives”, Islamic “reformist” exiles, monarchist factions, paid Journalists and TV celebrity “activists” to participate as the diplomatic face of a mythical Revolutionary Guard military coup. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has also mentioned a Western commitment for the incredible sum of seven billion dollars for financing the whole operation. They also claimed that just as the plot was at its final stages, they recalled their agent back to Iran exposing the plot on Iranian TV, airing videos of “secret” meetings, naming names and ridiculing the Americans, the Iranian opposition and everybody else. The Iranian Intelligence is now claiming the destruction of opposition cells, divisions among opposition organizations and other events as the result of the sting operation.

It is not clear what parts of the obviously exaggerated televised report of this sting operation are true but the lack of mass arrests in the IRGC betrayed the total falsehood of the “reformed IRGC” fantasy. What is however clear is that a complex version of Pierce Brosnan’s “Tailor of Panama” scenario was played by all parties concerned. The most plausible theory is that the burnt out and groomed “opposition” propped up by “Iran Experts” in the West were ready to blindly follow them into any coalition as long as everyone pretended these Iranians would be the future leaders of Iran, the “Iran Experts” pretending they had huge forces under their command inside and outside Iran with operations and funds under their control, the governments involved pretending they had a great plan and were really trying hard while the “Taylor of Panama” would laugh all the way to the proverbial bank.

In any case, the problem from the point of view of the Iranian people is neither the spy story – which has happened to everyone throughout history - nor the well known scandal which is being covered up by all participants who claim they were never duped by anyone as they blame each other in the process. The real tragedy is that all the Western governments involved and their favorite “opposition” personalities are committed to the idea of establishing an Islamic “alternative” to the present Islamic government in Iran.

The goal of this sham alliance would have been after all, the creation of a government with the Revolutionary Guards as the main catalyst of “change” and consequently as the main institution at the helm and everyone else placed in a powerless parliament for years to come. If we consider that this strategy was complementing the continued Western support for the pro Khomeini faction of the Moussavi Greens in Iran, it will be more clear what sort of parliamentary majority and what kind of Islamist Constitution would be set up along side the Revolutionary Guards which is according to the Constitution, in charge of Global Jihad and has proved time after time that it is fully committed to such a global task.

Once we recall that in the last ten years, various “defectors” from the Islamic Republic have been given red carpet treatments in the West, elevated to the “leadership” of the Iranian “opposition” through free and massive publicity, falsely introducing them as educated experts and skillfully cleansed by the media of their actual atrocities and crimes in Iran, we can be more certain about the extent of Islamism the West is prepared to tolerate and support in a future Iranian regime.
False defectors such as Khomeini’s grandson who went as far as calling for the “bombing of Iran” when interviewed in the US, became the darling of the American media and all their “Iran Experts” just a few years ago proceeded to return to Iran and be photographed having tea with the Supreme Leader. No doubt, this “reformed” element of the Islamic republic assured the supreme leader that based on his extensive information gathering in the US, the United States was not planning to attack Iran following the Iraq war and the Islamic Republic was free to continue all its regional Jihadist activities. Several IRGC elements, intelligence officers, sons, daughters and relatives of major Iranian IRGC generals and secret police leaders, some of whom openly attempted to recruit opposition members as spies for the Islamic republic have been welcomed in the US, are allowed to go back to Iran whenever they wish. These and dozens of other examples clarify beyond any doubt that an alternative Islamist regime is being planned for the future Iran by the West.

On the other hand, the old and burnt out opposition, trying their luck for one “last” time, have also been prone to compromise and regime penetration, not because of their stupidity – even though desperation has made them somewhat stupid- but due to their conscious choices that even advertise their situation and their readiness to be bought by the regime or by any power who would agree to use them as bargaining chips. The conscious participation of dozens of “opposition” figures in the Islamic republic’s “Oral History” project in 2009-2010 in America and Europe, even as they fully knew how many of them were assassinated by regime agents in the past, is another clear indication of the “opposition’s” extent of marketing themselves for all buyers.

In the mean time, it must be noted, the main body or bodies of the opposition, have been actively censored and marginalized by the Western governments, in order to spotlight the fake opposition for the Western public and to portray them as the ONLY opposition. They have made a naturally competitive opposition atmosphere, into a zero sum equation where promoting certain factions or the smallest negotiations with an Islamic Republic faction deemed to be party to any future regime, will automatically translate into active black listing, isolation and marginalization of the rest of the opposition.

Let history record that it was in this sad and unfortunate situation that the real Iranian opposition had to survive and struggle, not only against the Iranian regime but in competition with small but heavily supported fake oppositions.

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