Human Rights Violations Table - By Anahita Zardosht

In an effort to moderate human rights, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. These thirty articles are the bare minimum of the rights entitled to every member of the human race. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran is violating twenty-nine of these thirty articles, as shown by the table below.

# Description of Article Complied Not Complied
1 All men are free and equal X
2 "Freedom without distinctions of race, gender, etc" X
3 "Right to life, liberty and security" X
4 No slavery X
5 "No torture, inhumane treatment or punishment" X
6 Right to be recognized as a person under the law X
7 Equal protection under the law X
8 Right to effective remedy by the state if rights are violated X
9 No arbitrary arrest or exile X
10 Fair public hearing by independent impartial tribunal X
11 Innocent until proven guilty X
12 No interference of privacy within the home X
13 Freedom of movement within the state and outside of the country X
14 Right to enjoy asylum in other countries X
15 Right to a nationality X
16 Right to marriage where both parties are in agreement to it X
17 Right to own property and not to have it arbitrarily take away X
18 "Freedom of thought, conscious and religion" X
19 Freedom of opinion and expression X
20 Freedom of peaceful assembly and association X
21 Right to take part in government and access to public services X
22 "Economic, social and cultural rights" X
23 Right to employment without discrimination X
24 Right to rest and leisure X
25 Right to standard of living and health X
26 Right to education X
27 Right to participate in the culture of the community X
28 Entitled to social and international order where these rights can be realized X
29 Free and full development of his personality X
30 Nothing in this can be interpreted by any group or individual to perform any act that would destroy any of these rights and freedoms X

Anahita Zardosht is a Human Rights Research Analyst for the Marzeporgohar Party, Iranians for a secular republic.