Empower the domestic opposition - not bomb it.

April, 17 2010

Recent speeches and statements by officials of the Islamic Republic are once again tilting towards to the belligerent and war-mongering side. Listening to Ahmadinejad's speeches, such as the one he gave on the anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic, one gets the distinct impression that the theocracy is practically outright trying to instigate a conflict with other states.

A quick glance at Iran's long history will confirm the fact that when Iranians are under attack from foreign entities, they coalesce around the regime, no matter how much they despise it. During the third year of the Iran-Iraq war, Arab countries declared that they would pay for war reparations if hostilities ceased – but today's “reformists” such as Mousavi, Rafsanjani and the like, refused to end the war. Khomenei was even famously quoted as saying the road to Jerusalem runs through Karbala (Iraq). The conflict ended up providing the Islamic Republic the cover they sought to systematically hunt down and kill political dissidents all under the guise of fighting a foreign entity.

The Islamic Republic knows full well that Iranians do not view this regime as legitimate, but that hasn't stopped them from occupying Iran for the last thirty-one years. After all, one of the perks of a theocracy is that they are appointed by God, not Iranians. However, even with a mandate to rule Iran from “God”, the regime has found the radicalized freedom movement in Iran to have had a corrosive effect on it's grip on power.

So exactly how do you quickly force Iranians back into line? Simple – foreign military intervention.

A new conflict between Iran and foreign forces will not only cause Iranians to unite around the Islamic Republic, but it will also force opposition organizations to simply either freeze their activities, lest they be branded as traitors, or join forces with the very same regime security organs they once fought against.

A war with Iran will only serve the interests of the Islamic Republic.

There are enormous differences between Iranians fighting the Islamic Republic to get their country back, and a foreign force fighting the Islamic Republic for its own interests.

We don't need foreign military intervention to rid ourselves of the theocracy, we just need the tools to facilitate it's downfall. Satellite phones and mobile internet terminals, laptops, resistance workshops, traditional and new media and its distribution are all but a small set of tools that are in very short supply.

Empowering the domestic freedom movement is the best option for the international community and one if implemented correctly will show positive returns in a short period of time.

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran


Marze Por Gohar Party
Independence. Freedom. Iranian Republic.