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Open letter to President Barak Hussein Obama

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Open letter to President Barak Hussein Obama

President Obama,
Your Norooz message to Islamic republic leaders is loud and clear .Unfortunately it might not be as effective as you like it to be. You should have been informed that the leaders of the Islamic republic care less about Norooz, and Norooz greetings.

In fact, you should have been informed that the Islamic regime has stated that Norooz must be replaced by an Islamic holyday. The only reason this agenda is not fulfilled is because of the great resistance of the Iranian people.

Mr. President let me ask you,

Happy Norooz

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Marze Por Gohar would like to extend warmest greetings to Iranians in the greater Iran and worldwide.

May this year bring us even closer to overthrowing the islamic regime occupying Iran.

Happy and victorous norooz to you all !!!

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US: Human rights will not hinder cooperation


US: Human rights will not hinder cooperation
By Babak Namdar

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has publicly stated that human rights will not prevent the United States and China from working more closely together. Human rights organizations expressed shock and disappointment at Clinton’s statements, but they should not worry as the spokesperson for State declared that human rights would be discussed “…when appropriate.” One gets the idea that it will never be appropriate as far as the State is concerned.

Ali Vahid, Journalist and Editor, Member MPG Party

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I started my journalistic work in 1991. I became familiar with Vahoomen magazine, Roozbeh Farahanipour and the MPG in 1996 when a group of my journalist friends and I were struggling in the political atmosphere of that time, such as it was. I started writing for Vahoomen and Neda-ye Qumess, aiming to further introduce and raise appreciation for nationalistic heroes who throughout Iran’s history from Cyrus the Great to journalists and activists who have sacrificed nothing less than their lives for Iran’s liberty and glory.

New Year pledge (2009)


“And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you.” that was Presidents Bush masseage to the Iranian people at the state of the union speech 2005. The Iranian people hungry for freedom and democracy took the words of the most powerful country in the world to the heart, while the statement was nothing but highlights of a speech and not a policy declaration.

The path to freedom is a long and a difficult one. Our fallen heroes reassured that freedom is not free.

Kidnapping of Mr. Ismail Jafari, a Journalist in Bushehr



Islamic Regime security forces in the province of Busher have attacked Mr. Ismail Jafaris' residence and too him to an unknown location.

Mr. Jafari is a brave journalist in Bousher who reports on the problems which the people in Busher face because of the Islamic Regime who has invaded Iran.

The Islamic Republic copies Marze Por Gohar's written logo

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The Islamic Republic has a record of fabricating established opposition organizations. Regime-sponsored shadow opposition entities allow the Islamic Republic to conduct propaganda campaigns to try to confuse Iranians. Since the opposition organizations are well known, the regime doesn't even have to market the fabricated organizations since they are already established entities.

access deniedaccess denied

Ge oss ”Haram-TV”

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(Article in Swedish)

Haram är allt som är förbjudet inom Islam, som att umgås med andra könet innan man är gift, eller att äta griskött och dricka alkohol för att nämna några ”oskyldiga” exempel. I samhället märks dock Haram i mycket vi är vana vid och tar för givet, som yttrande, och religionsfrihet för att nämna några. Att kritisera profeten Muhammad kan som bekant leda till hotfulla situationer i västvärden och i muslimska länder leder kritiken i enlighet med koranen till dödstraff.

International day of Cyrus the great

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October 29th has been designated as the international day of Cyrus the great, king of Persia, who declared the first charter of human rights in the world, also known as the Cyrus Cylinder.

Marze Por Gohar Party honors this great day and embrace Iran’s glorious history.
We believe in a Secular Republic based on Iranian heritage. We will not rest until we have returned Human Rights, freedom and democracy to the land of their birth.

Down With Islamic Republic
Long Live Iran
Marze Por Gohar Party
Iranians for a secular republic

The dead can be at peace, Saddam is caught

The Marze Por Gohar Party would like to congratulate Iranians on the capture of Saddam Hussein. The apprehension of Saddam will be especially gratifying for the families of those who fought in the Iraq-Iran war. Iranians lost half a million of their compatriots during the war and since the clerical regime is anything but Iranian, damages were never pursued against Saddam. Those Iranians who lost their life during the war can now rest easier knowing that Saddam will finally have to pay for his crimes.