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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Death penalty Requested


The court of Islamic republic has once again put up a tragic show to take the life of the children of Iran.
According to the court documents, the alleged defense attorney took the stand and claimed that he has never witnessed such criminals before. The criminals he is referring to –and suppose to defend -are the freedom seeking Iranians arrested in the non-violent protests.

Today the so called court requested death penalty for;

• Mohammad Reza Ali, Zamani, age 37, member of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran"

• Arash , Rahmani Pour, age 20, member of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran"

Charges Against Mr. Majid Saeeidi as set out by Prosecutor Mortazavi:


According to regime’s theatrical piece, dramatic televised trials, contrived to detract from and undermine the sweeping uprising for liberty and freedom by the very children of these glorious frontiers the Prosecutor Mortazavi states the following in to Mr. Majid Saeeidi in the trial of opposition protests

Majid Saeedi the son of Naser, one of the arrested photojournalists has stated:

MPG:Message to chained lions

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"Let this body not live if there is no iran"

Protestors Defied the Regime's Martial Law on the 10th Anniversary of the July 1999 Student Uprising

LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----As the first wave of the Iranian movement characterized by huge mass rallies in June, receded following violent crackdown of IRI forces, a new wave of nationwide protests engulfed the country.

Roozbeh Farahanipour back on U.S soil.

After secretly entering Iran in order to organize the anniversary of 18 Tir 1999 uprising against the regime , he is now back in U.S soil.

On the day of the anniversary he made contact with Pars TV from inside Iran and explained how people organizing are fighting the regime.
A Press conference will be held in near future.

Down With Islamic republic
Long Live Iran
Marze Por Gohar Party

BREAKING NEWS: Roozbeh Farahanipour back in Iran in preparation of demonstrations for the July 9th anniversary


Marze Por Gohar in Iran Organizing Nationwide Demonstrations for July 9th
The MPG Party Members and Leaders in Iran For Nationwide Demonstrations on the Tenth Anniversary of the July 1999 Student Uprising in Iran

By: PR Newswire
Jul. 5, 2009 07:02 PM

Press Release

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Press Release

June 29th 2009

The Marzeporgohar Party Calls for Nationwide Demonstrations on the 10th Anniversary of the July 1999 Student Uprising in Iran

In the Spirit of July 1999 , With the Massive Participation of June 2009

Free Elections Freedom for Iran No to the Dictatorial Regime

Date: July 9th 2009

Locations: 20 Locations and Universities in Iran

MPG Statement to the People of Iran


Elevate Our Demands to “Free Elections”

MPG Statement to the People of Iran

June 17th 2009

Greetings to our courageous people who have risen up to defend their rights, demanding freedom and filling the streets with life and hope, making history.

Honor to the memories of those who gave their lives, strengthening the resolve of this movement and the perseverance of this resistance.

This is a selection, not an election


May 31, 2009
The Islamic Republic’s 2009 [s]election is shaping up to be just as it has been before; a “hardliner” wanting to curb “westernization” of Iran and an enlightened “reformist” promising liberal policies. And just as previous [s]elections, the theocracy has put its propaganda machine into overdrive, arguing that to boycott the [s]election means the enemy, which is defined as anyone who is against the Islamic Republic, will win. In keeping with tradition, the various factions within the regime are receiving various forms of support from foreign forces.

MPG News Release: The assassin of Dr. Kasra Vafadari convicted in a French court

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News Release
April 2nd 2009

Four years after the assassination of an Marze Por Gohar (MPG) leader, Dr. Kasra Vafadari in Paris, France, his murderer, a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran, has been convicted in a French court to just fourteen years in prison. The details of this political assassination have not been released by the court.