Iranian Canadian Journalist Tortured and killed by Islamic Republic

Iranian Canadian Journalist Tortured and killed by Islamic Republic

New Iranian Ambassador & Links to International Terrorism

Saturday, September 21, 2002

New Iranian Ambassador & Links to International Terrorism

September 19, 2002
MPG Intelligence Report

Vienna -- Mohammad Reza Bagheri, who is due to replace Ebrahim Rahimpour as Ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Austria, reportedly has well-known links to terrorist incidents in Kuwait and Turkey.

Bagheri who until recently served as director general of Northern Europe of ministry of foreign affairs served as IRI's Ambassador to Turkey.

2nd Statement regarding June 2003 protests

During the recent demonstrations we have seen that our prediction in our first statement regarding the protests, which was posted on June 10th, 2003, has come true. We stated that government forces will be the first to use violent means, and they in fact were. As these peaceful protesters are voicing their extreme discontent at the clerical regime, there are some who are asking the people not to react. These groups are asking people not defend themselves, and to simply take a beating without question.

MPG letter to Canadian government

ariOntario Liberal Party
Mr. Dalton McGuinty
10 st. Mary Street, Suite 210
Toronto Ontario
M4Y 1P9

Honorable Mr. McGuinty,

With our warm greetings and respect,

Today we would like to bring your attention to the student political prisoners in Iran, who are leading their live under terrible conditions which include physical and psychological torture.

MPG Condemn massacre of MKO

MPG Condemn massacre of MKO
Reports from various sources indicate members of Mojahedin Khalgh organization (MKO) have been attacked and massacred by revolutionary guards and Islamic republic's missionaries inside of Iraq. We blame, Mas'ood Rajavi and other Organization's high-ranking officials for placing MKO members in this tragic situation, while Mr. Rajavi and some of his closest colleagues had already fled Iraq to an undisclosed destination.

Celebrating the end of Saddam

Marzeporgohar asks all our Iranian compatriots in, and out of Iran to come out in into the streets, and celebrate, as soon as Saddam's regime has fallen. We ask that members of Basij, families of martyrs, disabled veterans, families of missing POWs, and any other Iranians who sustained damage from the Iraq-Iran war, to commemorate the death of the Iraqi regime by pouring out into the streets, handing out flowers, and visiting soilder's graves. Iranian soldiers who died protecting Iran, should rest in peace knowing that Saddam's barbaric regime is finally no more.

MPG Statement Regarding Islamic Republic President's Trip to New York

On the 22nd anniversary of the 444 day hostage taking at the US embassy in Iran, the President of the Islamic Republic is travelling to New York. Seven weeks after the tragic and murderous terrorist attacks against the United States, the president of a regime still listed by the US State Department as a major sponsor of international terrorism, steps foot on the soil of the grieving city of New York. As a large uprising against the Islamic Republic's atrocities is sweeping Iranian cities for third week, the smiling Mullah is going to address the United Nations.

The false press announcements regarding the five-day student uprising of July 1999.

Recently there has been a false press announcement regarding the release of Dr. Bahiyeye Jeylany and many other prisoners captured during the five days student uprising of July 1999, from the Evin prison.

Islamic Republic comes to New York to participate in the millennium summit

The executive of the Islamic Republic comes to New York to participate in the millennium summit, under questionable circumstances. Under Khatami’s administration,a number of the serial murders were committed by one of his favorite ministries, VEVAK. Two years after the violent assassinations of Parvaneh and Dariush Forouhar, despite his promises to bring the culprits to Justice, he has chosen silence and obstruction, over investigation. During the five day pro-Democracy uprising of July, 1999, Mr.

MPG resumes activities in exile

(The Glorious Frontiers Party) was founded on July 8th, 1998 in Tehran. It was established by a group of Nationalist secular writers and journalists. Marze Por-Gohar was one of the most active groups present at the pro-Democracy uprising of the University students in July of 1999. On the fifth day of the uprising, on July 13th, MPG leaders and members were arrested and sent to the notorious Towhid, one of Islamic Republic’s secret prisons. Due to constant harassment of the Islamic elements, some members of this organization were forced to flee the country.