Analysis: the clergy's nuclear program - by Roozbeh Farahanipour

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Whether the international community wants to admit it or not, it seems evident that the clerics in Iran are pursuing a nuclear program that is not purely “peaceful”. After all why would the Mullahs be chasing away IAEA inspectors from simply taking environment samples if their program is purely for civilian use?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner; unable to make up her mind - By Setare Kaviyan


For the first time in history an Iranian woman named Shirin Ebadi has been awarded with the Noble Peace Prize. This great accomplishment by Miss Ebadi was the cause of utmost bliss and pride amongst the Iranians. Iranians began seeing a new light of hope with Miss Ebadi’s accomplishment, and they believed that through her, human rights could once again be brought to Iran. Ms. Ebadi’s record was quite impressive; with being a judge during the previous regime and working diligently on human rights in Iran, particularly on the rights of women and children.

Tabarzadi, a wolf in sheep's clothing - By Babak Namdar


A tendency within the Islamic Republic of Iran is to use misleading shortened versions of the names of Islamic organizations and personalities in order to sanitize and reactivate certain discredited entities. Heshmatallah Tabarzadi was one of the main leaders for the"Office of Strengthening the Unity of the University and theTheological Seminary" (OSUUTS), nowadays simply referred to as the"Office of Strengthening Unity". Prior to Khamenei's tenure as the "SupremeLeader" and the "Guardian Scholar" during the late 80s, college students did not have the right to form political groups.

Iran Democracy Act: good start, but needs work, by Elham Aryana

June 10 was an exciting day for Iranians. Thousands of Iranians,
not only students, took to the streets of Tehran to demonstrate for
freedom, liberty, and justice. With security forces and knife-wielding
vigilantes encircling the demonstrators, the Iranians contacted by cell
phone and e-mail the one U.S. official whom they trust most: Senator
Sam Brownback (R-KS). The same evening, Brownback declared, "To the
brave Iranian people protesting this night, I offer my strong support,
admiration, and assistance. I will share this news with my colleagues