The Islamic make-up artists- By Mani Aryamand


October 8th 2005

The Islamic make-up artists -By Mani Aryamand

The Mehregan Feast - by Iran dokht Aryamanesh


Long ago, Mehregan was celebrated by Iranians with the same magnificence and pageantry as Norouz.
It has been the second most elaborate celebration after Norouz .Though most Iranians have heard about Mehregan, unlike Norouz it is not celebrated by all and is mainly regarded as a Zoroastrian festival. In the recent years there has been a revival of this joyful and merry occasion and more Iranians are participating in this festival.

There are many accounts to the beginning of Mehregan which are listed below:

No to Sharia Law in Canada- By Setare Kaviyan

The legalization of Sharia Law in Ontario is one of the major threats facing Canadian women today. If accepted as law by the Ontario Liberal Government it will be a major step back for human rights in Canada.

Islamic Republic’s Nuclear Program and Iranian Pride- By Mani Aryamand


If there is one thing that the Western countries need to realize, it is that they best not interfere with the Persian pride. The course of history has shown that the one major factor for the survival of the Iranian Nation has been the strong presence of nationalistic sentiments as well as its ancient identity.
Few countries have been the target of so many invasions and yet have come out even stronger. After the Arab Invasions, Iran was the only country which was able to maintain its identity. These facts are readily observed when looking at the Iranian history.

Regime's constitution compatible with a secular republic? - by Babak Namdar


The Islamic Iran Participation Front held it’s annual conference in July amid a mood of failure, since the vast majority of reformists were disqualified to run for parliament. In October 2003, the Secretary General of the Islamic Iran Participation Front proudly declared that “The problem in our country is the absence of the rule of law and not absence or shortcomings in the law”, failing to honestly recognize that due to the structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution, Iranians will only be able to establish a secular republic through a revolution.

Arab Emirates and Islamic Republic, Threatening Iranian Territorial Integrity - By Panta Azadi

The ongoing crisis in the Persian Gulf has been portrayed by many officials of the
Islamic Republic in Iran, as an isolated misunderstanding between certain Arab
Shiekdoms and careless Iranian fishermen “straying” into Emirate territorial
waters! IRI military and government officials not only express total ignorance
about the recent joint declaration of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council-
consisting of Arab countries of the region) regarding Arab ownership of Iranian
territory- denying, god forbid, any connection between the joint declaration and

Jean Chrétien’s Trip to Iran - By Setare Kaviyan

Ever since the Islamic revolution in 1979, a tyrannical dictatorship has been ruling the people of Iran. Under the rule of this government, barbaric actions such as stoning women, amputating limbs, and lashing of both sexes for insignificant offenses has been commonplace. Torture, disappearances and executions of political opposition members are also practiced with impunity. Thousands of innocent people have been brutally tortured and many of them have died as a result. However, it has been female political prisoners who have paid an extra price.

Islamic Republic Lobbying the “Great Satan” - by Panteaa Azady

After several years of active but un-official lobbying in the United States, the
Islamic Republic in Iran has officially declared its intentions for pressuring the
US government into accepting the ongoing internal atrocities of the IRI, its
international terrorist operations and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Iranian opponents of the Islamic Regime have repeatedly pointed out that the IRI has been organizing and spending millions in the US during the past few years in

Iraq's second war - by Roozbeh Farahanipour

iraq war.jpg

The ongoing fighting in Iraq, called the Second Iraq War by some American journalists and The Declaration of War by Iran by some others is yet another example of the treachery of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the one hand and the naiveté of some US policy makers on the other.