Marz-e Por Gohar Expose: Introducing AbdolRasul Qa'edi, IRGC Commander and Member, Commercial Mafia


MPG sources inside Iran and abroad successfully identified a member of the IRGC Mafia. He played a key role in smuggling petroleum in and out of Iraq when it was under sanctions during Saddam Hussein’s reign. Also, he was a key player in IRGC's illegal procurements through front businesses. He has compiled vast wealth as a result.

The following is a small sample of corruption in the Islamic Republic regime, and the pillage and plunder of the country’s resources by government agents.

BREAKING NEWS: Roozbeh Farahanipour back in Iran in preparation of demonstrations for the July 9th anniversary


Marze Por Gohar in Iran Organizing Nationwide Demonstrations for July 9th
The MPG Party Members and Leaders in Iran For Nationwide Demonstrations on the Tenth Anniversary of the July 1999 Student Uprising in Iran

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Jul. 5, 2009 07:02 PM

Open letter to President Barak Hussein Obama

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Open letter to President Barak Hussein Obama

President Obama,
Your Norooz message to Islamic republic leaders is loud and clear .Unfortunately it might not be as effective as you like it to be. You should have been informed that the leaders of the Islamic republic care less about Norooz, and Norooz greetings.

In fact, you should have been informed that the Islamic regime has stated that Norooz must be replaced by an Islamic holyday. The only reason this agenda is not fulfilled is because of the great resistance of the Iranian people.

Mr. President let me ask you,

US: Human rights will not hinder cooperation


US: Human rights will not hinder cooperation
By Babak Namdar

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has publicly stated that human rights will not prevent the United States and China from working more closely together. Human rights organizations expressed shock and disappointment at Clinton’s statements, but they should not worry as the spokesperson for State declared that human rights would be discussed “…when appropriate.” One gets the idea that it will never be appropriate as far as the State is concerned.

Ge oss ”Haram-TV”

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(Article in Swedish)

Haram är allt som är förbjudet inom Islam, som att umgås med andra könet innan man är gift, eller att äta griskött och dricka alkohol för att nämna några ”oskyldiga” exempel. I samhället märks dock Haram i mycket vi är vana vid och tar för givet, som yttrande, och religionsfrihet för att nämna några. Att kritisera profeten Muhammad kan som bekant leda till hotfulla situationer i västvärden och i muslimska länder leder kritiken i enlighet med koranen till dödstraff.

Open letter to Senator Sam Brownback from Roozbeh Farahanipour

Honorable Senator Brownback,

We remember you from the days where you were informing your colleagues, and the United States public in general, about the July 9th 1999 protests in Iran.
You are certainly not new to the developments that are taking place in our country today. It is therefore very odd, that as a person who knows a great deal
about Iran and Iranians, you have chosen to give a speech about Iran on the same day as the CIA coup of 1953. We believe either you were not
properly informed, or you may have simply overlooked this extremely important fact.

Ms.Cagan: Don’t hate Iranians -Hate the Islamic Republic!-By Mani Aryamand


In a private meeting Debra Cagan, one of Mr. Bush's foreign policy advisers has stated that she “hates all Iranians” One of the reasons for Mr. Bush disastrous Iran policy might be lack of professional and experts in the field of Iran.

Majority of Iranians oppose the clerical regime occupying Iran. The treatment of the Iranian people confirms that the regime consider the Iranian people as its biggest enemy.

The World Bank guarantees business with the Islamic Republic- By Mani Aryamand


A statement issued by Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA- a member of the World Bank group- states a $5 million guarantee to Cesur Packaging Corporation. Cesur Packaging of Turkey owns 48 percent of the company, while investors of dual Turkish and Iranian nationality own the remaining shares. The guarantee protects against the risk of war and civil disturbance, for a period up to 10 years.

Back to square one!- By Mani Aryamand



Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has consistently made it clear that Islamic Republic won’t give up the uranium enrichment and would withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty, should the world community impose sanctions.

He has been saying this all alone, even long before U.S administration decided to give in and offer talks and security guaranties on enrichment were stopped.

MPG Report on IRI Intelligence Preying on Women

The following is the MPG english translation from MPG’s underground paper, the “Night Mail” vol. 4, in Iran.

April 2006