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Alhura reports on Marze Por Gohar Party

Lion and Sun belongs to all Iranians


Iran and the Dirty Bomb

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Iran and the Dirty Bomb
By Jamie Glazov | Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FrontPage Interview’s guest today is Hadi T. Ardestani, a Nuclear Waste Management Expert and a Marz-e Por Gohar Nuclear Issues Specialist. He is also a Marz-e Por Gohar Nuclear Committee Chairman and an M.S. Environmental Sciences and Management, Nuclear Waste Management Specialist.

FP: Hadi T. Ardestani, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Iranian national heroes-Tehran Magazine

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Tehran Magazine Full Coverage of Marze Por Gohar reports of heroic action and the tail of kavoosifars.

Cut all Ties with the Terror Regime in Iran- By Mani Aryamand

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The following is a translation of the second article by the Secretary General of
the MPG Party that appeared in the Swedish paper GT.

Cut all Ties with the Terror Regime in Iran

The Bomb is ticking!

Despite the unwillingness of the Swedish media to focus on the Islamic Republic, it is hard to miss all the news about Islamic Republics nuclear program. The regime claims that the program is solely for civilian purposes but various reports tell a different story.