Computer Worm Delays Nuke Plant in Iran

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By: Ken Timmerman

Iran has stated that the "Stuxnet" worm that has affected thousands of computers in Iran is a Western plot aimed at sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program.

"Western states are trying to stop Iran's [nuclear] activities by embarking on psychological warfare and aggrandizing, but Iran would by no means give up its rights by such measure,” according to a printed summary of comments made yesterday in Tehran by foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehrmanparast.

Persian Community and Metal Fans Unite to Support a Free Iran

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"Heavy metal is beautiful, and so are the people of Iran," shouted Neil Turbin, lead singer of Deathriders, before launching into another song at the Metal Revolution for Iran event at the Aura Nightclub in Studio City.

Bands included Internal Corrosion, Skinmask, Deathriders (featuring Neil Turbin of Anthrax) and Philm (featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer).

Heavy Metal Revolution for Iran


It is that time of year again when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes his trip to New York, making incendiary remarks that resonate around the globe.

This year, reactions to his visit were typical, with a majority of United Nations representatives leaving the room during his talk. His hardline and outlandish comments dominated media headlines and mainstream television networks vied over prime-time interviews with the rogue leader.


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List of Insurers who Refuse Moratorium Revealed; $6 Billion in Current Holdings Disqualified
from Insurer Financial Statements for Iran Ties

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today announced that 1,010 insurance companies – more than 75 percent of insurers licensed to do business in California -- have agreed to forgo future investments in 50 companies identified as doing business with Iran’s nuclear, energy or defense sectors.

MPG posters in Iran

The following pictures were taken during 22 Bahman protests in Iran.

The MPG posters read:
Iranian Republic

MPG Posters in Iran 1MPG Posters in Iran 1

MPG Posters in Iran 2MPG Posters in Iran 2

MPG Posters in Iran 3MPG Posters in Iran 3

30 Years After Hostage Crisis: Iranian Revolutionaries, and Their Kids, Switch Sides

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009 9:46 AM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

Every Nov. 4, the Iranian regime buses tens of thousands of schoolchildren from around the country to Tehran to commemorate the assault on the U.S. Embassy in 1979, when 52 U.S. diplomats were taken hostage.

The embassy attack and the subsequent 444-day hostage crisis were called “a second revolution” by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, because they led to the collapse of the moderate post-revolutionary government that was seeking to repair ties with the United States and the West.

Marz-e Por Gohar Expose: Introducing AbdolRasul Qa'edi, IRGC Commander and Member, Commercial Mafia


MPG sources inside Iran and abroad successfully identified a member of the IRGC Mafia. He played a key role in smuggling petroleum in and out of Iraq when it was under sanctions during Saddam Hussein’s reign. Also, he was a key player in IRGC's illegal procurements through front businesses. He has compiled vast wealth as a result.

The following is a small sample of corruption in the Islamic Republic regime, and the pillage and plunder of the country’s resources by government agents.

Show trials in Tehran or pro-democracy supporters, as Ahmadinejad sworn in

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Show trials continued in Tehran today of hundreds of pro-democracy supporters arrested during the

demonstrations of the past month, as Ahmadinejad took the oath of office for the second time. Choosing Aug.5 for his swearing in date showed particular hubris, since it is the anniversary of the 1906 constitutional revolution, whose freedoms have been abolished by Ahmadinejad and his IRGC regime.

Majid Saeedi (3rd row, 3rd from the left)Majid Saeedi (3rd row, 3rd from the left)

Iran’s Show Trials


By: Jamie Glazov | Wednesday, August 05, 2009

FrontPage Interview’s guest today is Roozbeh Farahanipour, an Iranian journalist, democracy activist, former political prisoner in Iran and head of Marze Por Gohar Party (MPG), an Iranian opposition party seeking the establishment of a secular republic in Iran. He was a student leader in the 1999 uprising, just one year after creating MPG.

FP: Roozbeh Farahanipour, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Charges Against Mr. Majid Saeeidi as set out by Prosecutor Mortazavi:


According to regime’s theatrical piece, dramatic televised trials, contrived to detract from and undermine the sweeping uprising for liberty and freedom by the very children of these glorious frontiers the Prosecutor Mortazavi states the following in to Mr. Majid Saeeidi in the trial of opposition protests

Majid Saeedi the son of Naser, one of the arrested photojournalists has stated: